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It's Time to Make YOUR Choice! 
If you're tired of spinning your wheels financially and working long hours with nothing to show for it at the end of the year, this book is for you!
The Book
The Millionaire Choice was written to inspire and equip people just like you to become millionaires.  No, that's not hype. With the right knowledge, resources and choices, almost anyone in America can become a millionaire.

Now it's your turn!

In The Millionaire Choice, you will hear the story and principles that changed one man and his family from a lower-income lifestyle into millionaires.
Inside the book...
Inspiration and Principles to Become a Millionaire

Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Do you feel overwhelmed with debt? Then you probably grew up in a family that mis-managed money and taught you bad financial habits.

Fortunately, you don't have to repeat the same mistakes.

In The Millionaire Choice, Tony shares his story of growing up in a financially messy home. His wake up call came at age 25 when he realized he had to make some serious changes, or he would spend his life in debt, broke, and stressed-out about money.  Discover the life and financial principles he used to turn things around and become a millionaire.

At the heart of these principles are what Tony calls the Ten Keys of the Millionaire. It is these key principles that empowered him and his family to break free from generations of financial mismanagement, stress and struggles.

Learn how to develop your own Personal Millionaire Plan!
meet the AUTHOR
Tony Bradshaw
My name is Tony Bradshaw, and I’m on a mission to help others become millionaires. I believe virtually anyone can become a millionaire…if they make the right choices. Yes. Almost Anyone. But it takes work.
I've packed my book full of the money lessons that changed my life.  I learned the hard way, but you don't have to.
Powerful money lessons you will learn:
  • ​The Ten Keys to becoming a Millionaire (Page 15)
  • The Number One thing you must develop to build and keep wealth (pages 17-29)
  • How to build a monthly budget you can actually use and follow! (pages 58-69)
  • ​​Demolishing your Debt (pages 110-130)
  • Boosting your income (this alone is worth thousands of dollars!) (pages 164-182)
  • Turning your pay raise into Millions" (page 133)
  • ​The Number One Thing that steals your wealth (and how to avoid it!) (page 70)
  • ​​Developing a money-smart mindset (page 43)
  • ​How to keep your expenses lower (Page 134)​​
  • Creating your Millionaire Plan (pages 183-191)
  • ​Turning your Time into Gold (page 32)
  • Real-life stories from real-life millionaires (pages 201-214)
  • Creating your Millionaire Plan (pages 183-191)
  • ​Turning your Time into Gold (page 32)
  • Real-life stories from real-life millionaires (pages 201-214)
  • ​How to find a Money Mentor (page 52)
  • ​Making money in Real Estate (156-160)
  • Pay off your house early. No more mortgage payment! (pages 97-98)
  • ​Understanding mortgages (save $100,000 in mortgage payments!) (pages 89-97)
  • ​​Ins and outs of the stock market and investing (page 143)
  • ​​Bonus Chapter: More to Life Than Money:  ​The Most Important Key to Life (pages 215-222)
Anything is possible when you Make the Right choices.
Here's what people are saying about The Millionaire Choice...
"I’ve read over 50 books on money and personal finance. The Millionaire Choice is one of my favorite. It was easy to read and had a lot of great financial information.”
"The Millionaire Choice has completely redefined my family's approach to getting out of debt and beginning the journey of building our own wealth. As a mom of three small children, this book has made previously hard-to-comprehend concepts and financial insider knowledge easily accessible and impactful to my everyday life. This is a must read for anyone who has ever dreamed of being financially successful.”
"The book was the first time someone explained how to become wealthy in a common sense way. The author was very thoughtful in his choice of words and laid out a logical approach with a simple plan."
“As a school leader, this book shares a personal story about life and building character in a way that I can immediately share, throughout the community I serve. The financial habits and language are plain spoken, easy for all to apply, develop, and understand. I will use this book as a resource for my students, families, and staff.”
"Great book all families should read together. It will make a difference."
Change your family's future.  Make your own Millionaire Choice.  Order your book now!
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